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Recommended: Jamorama Guitar LessonsSo, what is the best way to practice guitar? This is a question that most guitarists ask themselves in a given moment of their learning process. The best way to practice guitar is to be found when we suddenly encounter ourselves practicing an exercise and we feel that we are not improving, or if we are improving, it is in tiny increments, and that can be frustrating sometimes, I know, I have been in that position more than once in my life, wondering what is the best way to practice guitar.

Good news is that there are ways to go around it; you see, you are not alone, and I have gathered a couple of tips that can help you get un-stuck, and to move forward.

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A smart thing to do to make things easier is to follow this small list of tasks to learn to play guitar in a more organized way:

Make time to practice. Ideally, you should hold an hour or two every day to practice guitar, remember, consistency is king, and you will improve like you have no idea just by doing what you love doing every day. If for some reason you get to a point where you feel that you do not have time to practice guitar, then you should think about organizing your day and the things you do. It is amazing to see how much time we spent in things that are less important some times, like watching TV or playing videogames.

Use the 21 day technique. This technique has been underestimated by many people, and the truth is it can be a little bit boring to be playing and practicing the same thing for 21 consecutive days, but it never fails. Play the song of exercise that you have problems with for 21 days in a slow manner and increase the speed little by little and you will see amazing results.

Plan ahead your practice sessions. By doing this you will not just improve in a more organized way, but you will have a better distribution of your own time. To do this is really simple, just sit down and write down what you are going to do when you practice. Here is a pretty nice example of what I mean by making plans for your practice session:

1. Cleaning up your guitar and all your gear -5 minutes

2. Guitar tune up and guitar hearing training -15 minutes

3. Use of the metronome for warm up and stretching excersises - 10 minutes

4. Continue with the metronome strumming chords - 10 minutes

5.Improvise for a while playing your own solos and riffs with or without a jam track. – 30 minutes

6. Take a nice book and use it for sight reading – 20 minutes

7. Make time to study music theory and guitar scales. 15 - 20 minutes

8. Relax and play songs of your favorite bands with tabs – 20 minutes

9. Try to record yourself if possible. Write down your songs, they are easy to forget!
Important tip: take breaks whenever you feel like taking one, this is very important as is your positioning.

This are just a couple of things that I can mention for you, I hope they help. Remember, practice is the key, so always make sure you have plenty of time to practice and you will be amazed of what you can do. It is always a good thing to practice different things too; so try to learn new things, new styles, listen to different guitar players to get fresh ideas. I really encourage you to continue learning new things every day. So, the best of luck to you my friend and have a good day, I hope you had found this article helpful.

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Best Way to Practice Guitar
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